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Work Permit & Company Establishment :

Work Permit & Company Establishment :

crosstech provides affordable professional services for Work Permit Applications, and Establishing a Company in Turkey.

(1) Work permits for a definite period of time
This permit is typically issued for the duration of one year. After this time it can be extended by up to three years providing it is for the same job with the same employer. It is then possible to extend this permit for a further three years, valid for work with any employer provided the profession remains the same.

(2)Working permission for an indefinite period of time
This type of permit may be granted to those foreigners who have been residing in Turkey legally and uninterruptedly for at least eight years or have completed a total working period of six years in Turkey.

(3)Independent Work Permit
An independent work permit is available to foreigners setting up a business operation, and have also lived consistently in Turkey for at least five years. They need to show that their business will create employment opportunities or contribute to local economic development. If they qualify, a Certificate of Application for Independent Work Permit is issued. This is valid for three months, during which time the business is set up and the trade register record submitted to the department.

(4) Establish your own Company in Turkey (LLC, Joint Stock Company, Liaison Officeand others )

Discuss with us your Business plan and left rest of thing to us till give you successful final plan.

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