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The immigration and Student consultancy Law Firm of CROSSTECH INT, a team of highly skilled, energetic, and hardworking experienced staff who are committed to providing clients with aggressive and professional representation at entire world .we are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of all our clients. Our firm provides personalized attention and representation to each and every client - take a look at what our clients say about us! From the very begining and to the successful conclusion, your case will be personally handled by a licensed company Crosstech.which is a full-service firm with having representatives in all over the world .

CROSSTECH INT, PVT.LTD designed to deliver the dreams & desires of the people for over a decade, has traveled all the way on the path to success. It was established in 1999, under the visionary leadership of inventive, dynamic, and young, Mr. Nadeem Rahat Khan, who realized the legal and professional problems faced by people planning for immigration,Business ,studies and all other needs. Leading from the front, he created his own world by combining extraordinary skills with innovative technology to offer countless opportunities for his fellowmen for the first time in Pakistan. From the beginning till today, the company has been pioneering new concepts to stand above its competitors by bridging the gap between people and their bright future.

Our renowned platform provides services commercial and legal advice to a wide range of clients in the financial, corporate, public and private sectors. Corsstech international pvt ltd is well known company in Pakistan because of its innovative,honest and helping procedure . Crosstech international pvt ltd is a specialized immigration and student consultancy company.

We serve more individuals in more markets across the borders than any other firm of its kind and are fully aware of the ever-changing innovative needs of our valued clients. We always keeping eyes on improve the modernize qualities of our services to our valued clients. CrossTech deeply believe in the concept that a law and consulting company would have to be inline technologically to meet the modern needs of all clients.

Our clients judge our performance by the quality of the analysis, insight and guidance we provide and our well timely response to their needs and objectives.

We are staunch believers in providing our services to enhance and protect our clients' needs countrywide and across the borders. We have the necessary resources to protect and vindicate our clients' rights in just about any federal and local jurisdiction in all over the world. Our reputation with our clients for innovative quality services and timely action is second to none.Crosstech has inspiring management and helping system with our global scope and intelligence,we can offer you benefits not available through any other firm.if you are seeking a long term relationships that are based on a thorough understanding of your future needs,so do not waste any moment to contact our firm and learn how you can tap the resources of crosstech to work for you and your family.

Our renowned company CROSSTECH INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LIMITED has 4 important pillar in its name and the word international shows our foreign strength and here in Pakistan, a country of multitude national and cultural treasure located in the heart of Asia .It has a huge middle and upper class population with large number families who are able to afford overseas education and also in getting immigration, In view of Globalization, it has become imperative for Pakistani students to attain global education and hence the need for foreign education has been felt in Pakistan.

Amongst the Pakistani students who go abroad, a large chunk of them comes from Pakistan .students and their parents are on a continuous look out platform where they can gain information regarding overseas education. Understanding this need for creating the right platform, lead to the birth of international students education network a complete educational consultancy service Crosstech international private limited offering/providing best services with motivation of serving humanity to the Pakistani students from several years successfully.

Crosstech got registered with (SECP) Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan under 1984 Companies Ordinance in 2005 as Pvt. Ltd. licenses can be viewed at license page.

We invite you to get come through your dreams----------------------

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