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Crosstech is known worldwide as the firm devoted to Australian immigration. Don't risk your future by not using crosstech to help you emigrate to Australia. We've successfully

secured Visas in the full range of migration issues.

"If you’re like me and my family and are about to take a huge decision in emigrating to Australia, let me give you some advice.

Engage MrNadeem Khan to guide you through the Australian migration process

From Day 1 you will receive professional and excellent support. What really makes the difference is that Sidra and his team care about you every step of the way.


Permanent migrant visas granted

Immigration and Visa Services We Provide

We have confidentially advised and represented in a vast range of matters, including:
Individuals who wish to apply for Australian Individual Residence and Permanent Skilled Migration to Australia based on their qualifications and professional experience
Australian Business Visa for Permanent Business Migration to Australia for foreign companies and individuals establishing significant business interests in Australia
Relatives wishing to Sponsor close family and partners
International corporations seeking Intra-company Executive Transfers
Temporary Australian Business Visa for employment, entrepreneurial new business establishments and doing business in Australia
Australian companies seeking Permanent Employer Sponsorship of highly skilled foreign nationals with skills not readily available in the Australian labour market
Brief Business Visit to Australia by company personnel to attend seminars, conferences and other authorised business activities
Securing Pre-qualified Sponsorships for local companies in all market sectors Converting from Temporary to Permanent Australian residence status
Renewing Permanent Australian Residency status where physical residency is in issue
Individuals seeking counsel on their Merits Review Rights and procedures concerning Visa refusal and Cancellation Illegal Australian Immigration and Unlawful issues pertinent to Unlawful Non-Citizens - Illegal Immigrants Australian Visa Cancellation and Character issues
All Other Legal Areas for Australian Immigration and Visa Migration Ask our experts

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