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Skilled Worker

Canada is experiencing the lowest unemployment rate among the OECD countries despite the Global Recession. Still facing labour shortages, the Canadian government has introduced numerous migration programs to attract skilled migrants to fill shortages in high demand occupations.


Whether a skilled worker is assessed under the old criteria or the new selection criteria depends on when the immigration application was received by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Those applications received by Citizenship & Immigration Canada on or after June 26, 2010 would have to meet the new criteria and have an occupation on the current demand list as below.
Those applications received prior to June 26th 2010 will continue to be processed under the old regulations and under the old occupational demand list.


The skill worker visa is assessed based on a points system. Recent changes to the federal skilled worker eligibility criteria allow two types of applicants to file an immigration application:

Applicants with at least 1 year of work experience (in the last 10 years) in a designated high-demand occupation (see list below) or;

Applicants with an offer of employment,

Occupational Demand List (Announced on 26th June 2010

If your occupation is on the demand list, your immigration application may be processed as fast as 18 - 24 months. If your occupation is not on the list please contact us to discuss alternative migration options.

Please note that proof of your language credentials must be provided at the time of application under the new regulations, so you should plan to take your IELTS examination before you wish to apply for immigration under the Skilled Worker category.

Our consultants will be happy to assist you in evaluating your eligibility for the skilled worker visa class. Please take advantage of our free assessment. Alternatively, we invite you to contact us or visit our offices for additional information.

Business Immigration

Business Class Immigrant

Canada offers a stable economy and a strong financial system for the entrepreneurially inclined migrant. Investor and Business/Entrepreneurial immigration visas are available for seasoned businessmen and high net worth individuals.

Canadian Immigration law categorizes business immigrants into three categories:
Investorimmigration is appropriate for those individuals who possess a net worth of at least CDN $800,000. Investors may gain access to expedited processing by investing CDN $800,000 with the government of Canada for five years. Alternatively, Lalani& Associates can arrange financing through leading Canadian banks to help you meet the CDN $ 800,000 investment requirement. This is generally the fastest and most efficient immigration option for businessmen, entrepreneurs, industrialists, senior managers and other high net worth individuals. Note: The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program for a limited time is still accepting applications under the old regulations where only a CDN $400,000 investment is required.
Entrepreneurcategory immigration is targeted to those businessmen and entrepreneurs who have a net worth of at least CDN $300,000, and want to establish or actively manage a business in Canada after migrating to Canada. Once in Canada, in order to maintain permanent residency, they must actively manage a qualifying business for at least one year and provide full-time employment to one Canadian citizens or permanent resident.
Self-Employedimmigrants must demonstrate that they have the relevant experience, intention and ability to economically establish themselves in Canada by creating their own employment and contributing significantly to Canada's cultural or artistic life, athletics, or through the purchase and management of a farm in Canada..
We invite you to fill out our free assessment questionnaire and our senior consultants will get back to you within 24 hours. Alternatively, we invite you to contact us or visit our offices for additional information.

Provincial Nominee Program

Most provinces in Canada have various Nominee Programs based on economic demand of the Provinces.

Individual that are interested in migrating to a specific province in Canada, may be nominated by that Province under their skilled worker/business/family program based on various criteria set by the province, This includes criteria such as job offer, relatives settled in that particular province, specific in-demand skills or business opportunities. Applicants are assessed based on selection factors established by that province.

We urge you to fill out our free assessment questionnaire so that we may assess your eligibility for such programs. Alternatively, we invite you to contact us or visit our offices for additional information.

Quebec Business Immigrant


Note: On June 26th 2010, Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced a proposal for new regulations for the Federal Immigrant Investor Program, doubling the net-worth and investment requirements and that it will no longer accept any applications based on the old net-worth requirement of $800,000 CDN and investment requirement of $400,000 CDN.
However, the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is still accepting applications for Investors looking to make an investment of $400,000 CDN and can demonstrate a legally obtained net-worth of $800,000 CDN. The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is expected continue to accept these applications for 30 to 90 days after the CIC announcement was published on June 26th 2010..
Investors in Quebec’s IIP must intend to settle in the Province of Quebec. They must also be selected by Quebec pursuant to a Certificat de sélection (CSQ). The Quebec immigration program maintains the highest standards of reliability. Investor immigration rules are set forth to protect the investment made by the immigrant.


Family Sponsorship

We can assist you with all variants of family sponsorship schemes. Family reunification holds high importance under Canadian Immigration law. We invite you to contact us or visit our offices for additional information.

Visit Visa

If you wish to visit Canada, you may have to obtain Temporary Resident (visit) Visa, You will be required to submit an application along with relevant supporting documents to satisfy the Visa office the purpose of your visit.
If you are interested to avail our services, please contact us for further details. We invite you to contact us or visit our offices for additional information

Student Visa

The quality of education received by an individual plays a pivotal role in his or her long term professional success. Canadian universities and colleges offer some of the highest standards of education in the world. While choosing a university or college is an important step in a student’s life it is equally important that the Student Visa application be handled professionally to prevent interruptions in the student’s academic career and ensure that the visa application has a high probability of success. Lalani& Associates can help you with both the admissions and visa process.

In addition to general student visa and admissions consulting services, we currently represent the following Canadian Universities and Colleges:

Appellate and Legal Services

If your immigration application is refused, we are ready to, circumstances bearing, take the matter to the federal immigration court. We will prepare your petition in collaboration with some of Canada's most respected immigration lawyers and explore all possible avenues to ensure a positive result. If you are interested in these services, we invite you to contact us or visit our offices.

Application Review

For professional advice on prior applications or applications under process feel free to contact us or visit our offices.

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