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Residency Visas - 3 years (or 1 year)

Note that you cannot open a bank account, register a car, get a telephone connected, and so on until you have a residency visa or permit

Usually residents will be sponsored by their employer (or an employed member of their family). The sponsor will normally make the visa arrangements and explain to you what documents you need. For those employed from overseas, the employer is responsible for all costs associated with obtaining your work permit (or labour card) and residency visa.

New property residence visas UAE

From 01 June 2009, the UAE will implement a new system of residence visas for UAE property owners which supersedes the old property investor residence visa that was valid in Dubai, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah (previously there was no residence visa based on expat property ownership in Abu Dhabi). According to a report on 02 May 2009, a new paragraph will be added to "Article 33 of the executive regulations of the entry and residency law for entry and residency of foreigners", and a new article, number 34, will be included in the by-law specifying the conditions of the new visa.
UAE multi-entry visa valid for 6 months at a time, permits multiple entries to the UAE. Commonly referred to as a residence visa but not clear if that's the official term. The difference in terminology might be significant. Property owner residence visa can be renewed indefinitely but the visa holder must exit the UAE and re-apply. The applicant can apply right away rather than wait for a month outside the UAE, according to information on 05 May 2009. Update 03 August 2009: according to a WAM news report "... when the multi visit visa issued to a property owner expires abroad, his/her visa will be renewed at the airport at arrival." Property value must be at least AED 1 million. Appears to be based on purchase price (evidence needs to be shown) rather than original price or current market value. Medical insurance is required for investor and familiy members applying for residence visa under property ownership scheme. Property must be complete, and title deed in visa applicant's name has been obtained. Joint property owners cannot apply for residence visa (in contrast to the previous system which allowed first named owner to apply). Direct family members (spouse, children) can be included under the property owner's sponsorship. Not clear if primary sponsor must be male, if there is an maximum age limit for children, or if family members can travel in and out of the UAE independently. Property must be of an appropriate size to house family members if applicable i.e. a family of 4 is unlikely to be granted a visa if the property is a studio flat (not that there are many studios over AED 1 million in the UAE). Property residence visa holders under the previous system must change their visa to the new system from 01 June 2009 otherwise they will be regarded as being in breach of UAE immigration laws (bad luck if you just got your 3 year visa in April 2009). Property owners (and family) might be required to have to have a medical test as with other residence visas (visitors with short term entry permits do not have to do a medical test). Unknown if property residence visa holders can apply for UAE driving licences, bank accounts, telephone connections, etc. Other residence visa holders can, and previous property residence visa holders could. If the new visa is a "visit" visa rather than a "residence" visa, then probably not.

The visit visa allows foreigners to stay in UAE for thirty days. However, you will be allowed to stay for another thirty days if you apply for an extension and pay 500 Dubai dollars. Your passport will be marked with a visit visa as soon as you enter through the Immigration Section in any airport in the United Arab Emirates.

Resident visas and work permits are issued by the concerned authorities in the UAE and the application is made through a prospective employer. Other nationals arrange their visa through a sponsor in the UAE

The multiple-entry visa in Dubai United Arab Emirates is valid only for 6 months starting from the date it was issued. You are allowed to stay for thirty days per visit and the visa is non There are other documents issued by UAE to allow entry into the country, such as:

Entry Service Permit

An Entry Service Permit applies to the following categories and their families accompanying them: company managerís representatives, sales managers, account auditors, delegations from companies or establishments to carry out a commercial activity in the UAE, consultants requested by companies operating in the UAE that are required to carry out an urgent task.

This visa is valid for use within 14 days from the date of issue. The duration of stay is 14 days from date of entry, exclusive of arrival and departure days. It is non-renewable.

The Entry Service Permit holder may enter and depart the UAE through any airport.

Multiple Entry Visas

Multiple-entry Visas are issued to business visitors who have a relationship with either a multinational or other reputable local company, and who are frequent visitors to the UAE. This type of visa is valid for six months from the date of issue and the duration of each stay is 30 days. The validity is non-renewable. The visitor must enter the UAE on a visit visa and obtain the multiple entry visa while in the country. The visa is stamped on the passport.

Driverís License

If you have an International license or driving license from your country of origin, you can rent a car to drive even if you have no residence visa. However, you need to acquire as a foreigner a Dubai driverís license from the Traffic Police Office for a private vehicle. This license has one-month validity. A privately registered car cannot be driven with an international license as the car is insured for a United Arab Emirates license holder only. To obtain this license, the applicant should complete the following requirements:

Dubai UAE Immigration Rules and Regulations

All passengers are required to have visas before their entry to Dubai. The only exemptions are nationals of the GCCS or Gulf Co-operation Council States. All the Dubai visas are valid for single entry status and cannot be extended. Anyone who leaves Dubai United Arab Emirates and intends to come back should apply for a new visa.

Immigration Law

Brigadier ObaidMoheir Bin Suroor, Deputy Director of Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department (DNRD), issued new implementing rules and regulations regarding the entry and residency of foreign nationals. This law aims to expand the coverage of entry permits and offers all nationalities a chance to visit Dubai. It is focused on attracting more tourists to Dubai. The tourist visa to Dubai is valid only for sixty days. The DNRD is the sole authority that deals with issuing visas to foreigners visiting Dubai.

Entry service permit

The Dubai entry service permit is applicable to families, sales managers, and delegations from establishments or companies to conduct commercial activities in Dubai. The permit is valid for fourteen days from the date it was issued. To get an entry permit, you must complete the requirements such as the flight details, date of arrival and a photocopy of the passport (with three-month validity).

Working Permits

The Minister of Labor, Dr. Ali Bin Abdullah Alíkaíabi, issued new guidelines for temporary work permits. Temporary work permits are now open to all work categories. This new law allows foreign workers to acquire work permits twice within three years. It is an improvement from the previous law that requires foreign temporary workers to acquire their work permits every six months.
The working permit in Dubai is not the same as a residency visa. The residency visa allows any qualified foreign national to live in Dubai. To work in Dubai, a foreigner must apply for a labor card or work permit. The company where you will be working with will be the one to arrange the labor card and the residency visas for you and your family.

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