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It is my pleasure to welcome you at Cross Tech Pvt Ltd. I hope the knowledge here provides you with a greater understanding of our company, our brand promise and our core beliefs. we've proven diary of top-quality services, with reliability and care, to the whole satisfaction of our clients. we've built future relationship with our valued customers.

I feel great pleasure to introduce Cross Tech Pvt Ltd, being the immigration, education, flights tickets, tours plans and umrah Hajj Group Organization. Cross Tech Pvt Ltd serving nations since 1999, as entity and began functioning. Cross Tech Pvt Ltd, was founded with a vision of providing affordable and quality services under one roof opportunities – which has now become a requirement to achieve success.

It is satisfying to understand that we are ready to help our clients and enable them to attach to the planet affordably and comfortably. We also are committed to offering significant savings on worldwide travel and that we do so by delivering access to all or any corners of the planet in peerless comfort and elegance, with value and expertise.

Building on our success, we look forward to a new era of growth as we develop more services both locally and internationally. Furthermore, we will continue to pursue new opportunities for our valued clients even in an uncertain economic climate.


Nadeem Khan
Chief Executive
CrossTech Group of Companies

Director Message

Ever since the establishment, we have endeavoured to contribute to the prosperity of our clients and society from a global perspective.

Our business can be divided into 20 key areas, namely, crosstech group of compnaies, we strive to provide services tailored to the individual needs of our clients, both in local and internationally, by using our utmost experience and expertise and the know-how which we have acquired through our management and achievements.

The changing environment and diversifying needs

Today, uncertainty about the global economy is widespread. By viewing changes in our needs, we remain firm in our commitment to developing advanced techniques ,ideas under the all countries laws and formulating innovative proposals unique to our companies. we strongly believed and have aims to provide best services to our clients under one roof in this modern and busy era .

In addition to fulfilling our professional and social responsibilities, our employees continue to focus all of our corporate resources to provide professional services to meet our client needs. To that end, we would like to ask for your continued support and patronage to help us serve all our clients.

Kindest Regards

Usman khan
CrossTech Group of Companies

Director Message

Welcome and thank you for visiting the crosstech group portal. I am Umar khan Director of crosstech group of companies. Our Company’s purpose, to solve complex facility and provide services related to our clients, is what we aspire to do in a broad, enduring sense. This purpose has been evident since the establishment of our corporation when our founder set out to build a premium quality services company.

The values we share are embodied in what goes on at crosstech from day to day. Team members must exhibit ethical and honest behaviour, and crosstech must offer fair, equal conduct in a safe, competent services to our clients. We believe that in such an environment, sound decision under the embassies and related departments rules and regulations making and effective strategies flow naturally from the real track engagements among all team members.

We continuously focus on:

  • Quality-exceptional quality delights our customers and is essential to customer growth and retention.
  • Services – at crosstech, services are not simply a concept or following old methods. It’s how we develop and maintain customer loyalty.
  • Innovation – it is the driving force behind our long term growth.
  • Peak performance – our commitment is to prepare as individuals and as a corporation to do our best.


Umar khan
CrossTech Group of Companies

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