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Fly air Hajj and Umrah consultancy Company

Flyair hujj and umrah consultancy Services providing the excellent Umrah and Hajj consultancy services since more than 2 decades.  we are dedicated and focused on delivering exceptional high quality advances services to our clients based around their personal plans, we always give preferences to our valued clients and continuously providing our high quality services at lowest cost but not compromising high quality standard of consultancy services. we are not working to convert only your plans in reality actually we help you build experiences and memories for you and your loved once. Let us arrange the holy journey of your next Umrah tour from any part of world.

Why your choice is only flyair company?
We have years of excellant experience and dedicated commitment to serve the customers with honesty and passions . No matter where you are, just WhatsApp us to get full consultancy for your favorite Umrah packages .we are world leading umrah and hujj consultancy company providing best services since 1999-.
Performing the holly responsibility of Umrah and hujj lets allow us to solve all yours worries we have indelible experience of consultancy regarding hospitality .itinerary, accommodation, immigration and visa matters ,group arrangement ,family travelling, and all others things on this holy pathway.
Your Comfort is OUR priority and Obligation!!

Believe us ..Trusted not compromised !!!!!

We are fully committed to excellence in serving the guests of Allah with our full consultancy services. flyair hujj & umrah consultancy company believes in best relationship building and friendly comfort environment with ease of all services at clients door steps that is why, we do not consider pilgrims our customers but our honorable guests. Our motto is to provide consultancy services that are unmatched in the market of entire world. . We will be honored to serve you too. Let our experience and attention be your guide on your most important trip to the Holy pathway.

Nadeem Khan
Fly Air Hujj & Umrah Services

In other words, our vision is very clear in favour of humanity rather than business we are setting new benchmark for other companies through advanced world innovation, and an unprecedented growth guided by an untiring commitment to address the all issues regarding umrah and hujj with enormous responsibility keeping in view the wellbeing of individuals. An innovative approach coupled with bold leadership in the all areas of holly paths and worship of umrah and hujj and the deliverance of high-quality consultancy services deep focused on the needs of pilgrims or passengers.

Umar Khan
Fly Air Hujj & Umrah Services

Our experienced team expertise based on excellent corporate consultancy highly quality professional ability to handle your all things very nicely and amicably we also empowers our trade partners through collaboration, inclusion, trust and a quick decision making sense and expertise which our trade partners transferring end users too.
We wish to serve entire world Muslims community by passions and enthusiasm knowing clearly advanced era requirements and needs with a great sense of integrity offering high quality world most advanced and quality umrah and hujj consultancy services with strong efficiency, being an top level company running by most advanced versatile professional staff and founders. We also provide our all consultancy services at affordable cost to our all valued customers.
Flyair provides full consultancy of Umrah and hujj packages. Our deals are specially designed for families and umrah groups traveling from any part of world. Our experts team having vast grounds experience know exactly how give ease and comfort to all our valued clients . Enjoy the best facilities and amenities by reserving an Umrah packages all the year from economy to 7 stars and royal level world class consultancy services for umrah and hujj.
just WhatsApp or book appointment to get full consultancy regarding

Umrah and hujj Visas
Accommodation (Makkah and Madinah Hotels) +
Transportation (Saudi Intercity Via Economy Bus or Private cars)
⦁ Ziayrat Tour Makkah
⦁ Ziayrat Tour Madinah
⦁ Umrah with Europe Packages
⦁ Travel Insurance
⦁ Umrah With Dubai
⦁ Umrah with Turkey
⦁ Umrah with Jeddah Tour
⦁ Umrah with any part of the world
⦁ Royal packages include red carpet welcome facilities
⦁ GOLD Umrah Packages |
⦁ Five Star Umrah Packages
⦁ Silver Umrah Packages |
⦁ three stars Umrah Packages
⦁ Bronze Umrah Packages |
⦁ Two stars Umrah Packages
⦁ Economy plus Umrah Packages
⦁ economy packages
⦁ Umrah E Visa consultancy services
⦁ Umrah Sticker Visa consultancy services
⦁ VIP luxury pick and drop from Airport to Makkah, Madinah hotels, and Round Tour (Jeddah, Makkah, Madinah) for Gold Umrah Packages GMC, Land cruiser, Lexus, and Executive Sedan cars and economy buses exactly as per your demands and needs

Actually Flyair have designed all consultancy services with the needs of pilgrims as well as local applicable laws we offer our best quality services to our customers at lowest cost but with high quality.

Hajj Days(Mashair)

08th Zilhajjah-12/13th ZilHajjah
  • Air conditioned Gypsum Camps in Mina with Sofa Bed 16-18 person in one camp. 2-3 Camps can be combined Gender based sharing

  • Air Conditioned Arafat camps  .

  • Transport Via Special Chartered Private Bus Model 2018 During Mashair  (Hajj Days)-Mina/Arafat/Muzdalifah

  • Meal : Breakfast + 2 Times Meal (Lunch, Dinner) 

Documents Required

  • Pakistani Passport  Validity 20th February 2021

  • Valid CNIC

  • Contact details

  • 4 Photograph (blue background)

  • Blood Group

  • Next of Kin details CNIC and Contact No

  • Bio Metric slip


  1. ​ Ihram for Male and Abaya for Female

  2.  Hajj ID Card and Luggage tag

  3. Trolley Bag

  4.  Backpack Bag/ Shoulder Bag

  5. Documents Bag

  6.  Shoes Bag

  7. Prayer Mat/ Chattai

  8. Tawaf Tasbeeh

  9. Umbrella

  10. Water Bottle

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