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RF trading (rahat family importers & exporters)Founded and established well over 10 years ago as “GENERAL TRADING COMPANY”  Over passing years long after having well established ourselves as one of the leading and reputed General Traders in market, RF traders , manages and transacts its trading business, both with local and its oversees associates in entire world. conduct and identify any and all projects falling in its dynamic and independent operational sphere of diverse nature. The company is maintained by its well organized administrative sections covering finance, personnel, electronic data processing, logistics and public relations. we are mainly engaged in the import and export of various kinds of goods and technologies. like import and export from entire world  of various types of products, food, chemical products, electromechanical equipment, machines, vehicle and their parts, fruits and vegetables, computers and accessories, mobiles and accessories, packing material, plastic and wood products, crockery, stationary, home appliances, sports products, professional sounds system, electronics, broadcasting products, textiles, grocery items  and all other products for personal and business needs.

RF trading doing trade throughout the world to provide maximum facilities for living standards and business for families, farmers, manufacturers, workers, consumers, and businesses. Through our global network of state-of-the-art facilities and industry-leading technical expertise we provide innovative Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification services before sending products to customers. We provide a systemic approach to supporting our customers

RF trading shaping your business

  • With reliable testing and certification for faster regulatory approval
  • Through rapid, efficient entry to virtually any market in the world
  • With Total Quality Assurance across your supply chain
  • By reducing cost and minimizing health, safety, and security risks
  • RF has become  a TRUSTED BRAND for your business

Our structure and aspirations of our business remain true to those established by our visionary founders, and their innovation and energy continue to be our inspiration. Our passion and entrepreneurial expertise will ensure that we deliver for our customers in reliability, safety, quality .assurance, competitive cost and more of that trust – today and in the future.

We full in aimed

Bringing quality, safety and sustainability to life.

We full in commitment

To exceed our customers’ expectations with innovative and bespoke Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification services for their operations and supply chain and all products through import and exports globally.

RF to be the world’s best trusted partner for your business.

RF worth

  • RF IS a global family that values diversity.
  • RF is always do the right thing. With precision, pace, passion and honesty.
  • RF  trust each other and have fun winning together.
  • RF owning and shaping your future.
  • RF create sustainable growth. For All kinds of business.


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