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Adventure in Canada awaits you! One of the greatest things about studying in Canada is that you can experience a climate, culture, great lifestyle with an excellent education system that is beyond comparison. Decide to concentrate in Canada, and you’ll have the occasion to experience incomprehensibly extraordinary social and normal encounters from the ski inclines to the grassland regions, with urban communities, for example, Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver and Quebec broadly agreeable, lenient and multicultural. Canada’s economy is a highly developed market economy. It is the 10th largest in nominal terms and the 16th largest GDP in the world through PPP. Canada is recognized worldwide for its outstanding quality of education from elementary school to post-secondary studies.

Features of Canadian Education

• An internationally recognized education system
• Tuition fees are relatively low in English-speaking countries.
• Many international students who graduate from a program in Canada are often eligible for a postgraduate work permit.
• Former international students with Canadian education and skilled work experience in Canada are well-positioned for success in applying for permanent residence through Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program.
• Student Direct Stream launched in 2018 as a study permit option that is being processed in the fastest way.
• There is a merge of different cultures which gives you the opportunity to explore as much as you can.
• You are also given different scholarships based on your performance in the curriculum and co-curriculum activities.

Canadian Universities

Global University System

Guide to Study in Canada From Pakistan

The first step to making a decision concerning education should be to consult an expert advisor who can guide you relating to the institute options, their courses, and conditions. Councillors are updated with regards to the latest study options and visa policies and seeking their assistance can be helpful. Once you have all gone over all preferred institutions and courses, make your final decision. The application procedure will then begin. If you get accepted at the university you applied to, you will receive an unconditional admission letter that you would need for the visa application process (more on that later).

Get a Chance to Study in Canada By Consulting with Cross Tech Consultants in Lahore, Pakistan

Nowadays, everyone wants to study abroad because of the study standard and competition out there. And many different renowned universities are offering their scholarships to students who are foreigners and interested in studying in these universities. Study in Canada is also a dream of thousands and millions of students. So foreigners apply for this opportunity and get a student visa to fulfill their dreams. In this regard, cross tech consultants in Lahore are helping a lot of students by giving them a student visa to go to Canada.,

Study consultation in Canada

Adventure of Canada is waiting for the people who are willing to enjoy its relishing beauty with excellence in study. It is just like discovering a world that is different from yours. Studying in Canada gives a very different and enchanting experience. Canada’s economy is one of the highest economies in the world and hence there is a need for a lot of money for applying for its institutes. In this regard, cross tech experienced consultants are helping you in taking the right choice in a Canadian university. Canada is highly recognized as one of the best and remarkable countries for study in post-graduate education.

Canada Student Visa from Pakistan | Requirements | Apply Now

Canada is among many countries that people go to study abroad. Here at cross tech, we help students wishing to study in Canada, with their entry into the country, especially students from Pakistan. At Cross Tech we provide end-to-end complete service to students aspiring to study in Canada. If you’re looking for information on study in Canada requirements, how to apply for a student visa for Canada, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve also covered information on scholarship in Canada and how you can get it.

Canadian Student Visa Requirements and Process

The application for the visa can be done online or manually. In the case of applying on paper, you would need to go to a visa application center in your country, Pakistan, in order to submit all your documents. At the visa application center, you would also need to give biometrics; this applies to both online and manual applications. Biometrics refers to an additional identification meant for security purposes. This could include fingerprints or pictures. After your application has been reviewed, you might be called for a visa interview.

For students from Pakistan looking to study in Canada, it is necessary to get a Study Permit, a visa designed specifically for the purpose. Applying for a visa can be a tricky process and could take time, but with a step-by-step guide, it can be made simpler. Given below is a detailed procedure for getting it done.

The first and foremost requirement when applying for the study visa is providing that you are capable of supporting yourself economically through the program. In Canada, you need to prove that you can pay 833 CAD/month if you wish to study in any province other than Quebec, and 917 CAD/month for studying in Quebec. This can be from your current bank account or an external source.
For Pakistani students, proving English speaking skills is not a necessity. They are also not required to establish a Restricted Bank Account; an account that restricts the sum of money that can be withdrawn in a month, and can only be used when in Canada. Students entering Canada need to go through a medical exam prior to setting foot on the premises of the country.

Student Visa (Canada) Checklist for Pakistan Students

• The permission application filled by the student
• The acceptance letter from the university
• Documents of passport or travel that confirm your return to your homeland. This step is not mandatory when you are living in the US
• Two passport-sized photos with your date of birth and name at its back
• There must be a document that proves your financial backup during your study program
• An intent letter
• If you want to study in Quebec in Canada, you need to have the translated documents with a certified copy
• The document that shows you have submitted the permission fee
• The last step is biometric and appointment.

If all your documentation requirements are complete, you are good to go for your visit to Canada. A study visa for Canada from Pakistan has a validity of the duration of the course with three additional months. This means that your visa can be used for the entire course and would need to be renewed each year. For students who intend to stay in Canada even after completing the course, a new study visa will be needed after the initial one expires.

How long will it take for the Study Visa to be made?

It is best to apply for a study visa as soon as you receive an unconditional offer at the university you prefer. Applying at least 4 to 6 months prior to the commencement of your year at the university is the safest option. There are a number of Pakistani students applying for a study permit for Canada. Applying for the visa can be a tiresome task but it can be made easier with the guidance given above.

Recommended Universities

You should know about the universities to study in Canada. You can’t just apply for the university and wait for the acceptance letter. Before applying for a study visa for Canada, it is important for you to decide in which university you are looking for admission.

Here are some recommended universities in Canada.

• Brock University
• Seneca College
• University of Regina
• Fill the application form

You can apply for admission thereby applying it online. It is important for you to provide the university with the right information. Your documents should be ready for a student visa and if there is any language demand, you have to fulfill it.

Cost of study in CanadaCost of study in Canada

Study in Canada cost may vary with the study program that students choose.

Undergraduate program; $13,000 to $20,000/year
Doctoral degree: $7,000 to $15,000/year
MBA: $30,000 to $40,000/year
Postgraduate master’s degree: $17,000 to $25,000/year

Cost of living in Canada

For provinces like Montreal, Quebec, and Ottawa, the average living cost is between 800-1,500 CAD/month. Others such as Calgary and Vancouver can be as expensive as 2,000 CAD/month.

Housing options and costs
Homestays, University-arranged: 400-800 CAD/month
Student residencies: 250-625 CAD/month
Rent and share apartment: 300-700 CAD/month, prices vary on facilities and location.
Basic utilities (heating, water, electricity, and garbage): 150 CAD/month
Internet: 50-70 CAD/month
For a transport pass, students will pay 90 CAD/month, and a one-way ticket is for 3 CAD.
Taxis can be used all over Canada, and the fares lie between 2 to 6 CAD/km.

Canadian Visa and Immigration for Pakistan

Different visas are being offered for study in Canada for international students. Immigrants wishing to come can use the following immigration options.

1. Study immigration: For studying in Canada
2. Visitor visa: visa for work or study
3. Study permit: for students who wish to study in Canada for more than 6 months
4. Work immigration: this is for people who want to work in Canada
5. Post-graduate work permit (PGWP): for students who have graduated from a minimum 1-year academic program
6. Express entry: Online government system for potential immigrants to get permanent status in the country
7. Business immigration: For those who want to set businesses in Canada

Job/work opportunities for students in Canada

As a student, part-time jobs are available on and off-campus. Students can work for up to 20 hours during university and in breaks. After the master’s degree completion, students may apply for a post-graduate work permit program within 90 days after graduation. With this, they can work for an equal period as the length of the program, and a maximum of 3 years.

Canada Student Visa Requirements & Admission Details

For admission into a Canadian university, you need to meet the visa requirements, applicants should have completed the Canadian equivalent of grade 12, and meet the English language requirements. Students must prove their English proficiency through either ILETS or TOEFL. Students who wish to study in Canada without IELTS must show their proficiency through other tests like TOEFL and PTE.

Levels of education

The Canadian system of education offers three levels of educations that students can pursue.
1. Bachelors
2. Master’s
3. Doctorates degrees

Most popular courses in Canada for international students MBA
1. Business and finance
2. Media and journalism
3. Psychology and human resources
4. Computer science and IT

Student life in Canada
For a student, Canada is a great place to thrive and grow. The classrooms are multicultural and diverse, and students experience a range of cultures.

The instructors are supportive, and students experience a safe environment. Students conduct actual research and are guided by their teachers along the way.

Study in Canada scholarships is available at Crosstech visa & immigration consultants

Canada is one of the other countries which are offering scholarships to foreigners. Different student visa services are available which guide you about the scholarship criteria and help you in availing yourself of any of these opportunities. Crosstech is also one of those immigration services which are known for their remarkable efforts and consultation for scholarships abroad. They help in getting the scholarship in the UK, CANADA, the USA, or FRANCE.

At Crosstech, they help students in the preparation for study in Canada scholarship and let them know about all the requirements. Canada is a beautiful place to discover and study. Crosstech is providing end-to-end services and consultation to make sure that their client is getting the best of services. Multiple Student scholarships are available Bachelors, Master and Ph.D.

People in Canada are also very friendly and give you a very comfortable environment. Scholarships are available on the basis of merit and also on some other factors like publications or research purposes.

Scholarships in Canada are the most demanding thing that helps the Canadian economy increase with the invitation of more and more foreign students in their country.

Students can study in Canada with scholarships, if they fulfill merit criteria, a few such scholarships are listed below.

Scholarships in Canada

1. Shastri Indo-Canadian institute Canadian commonwealth scholarship and fellowship plan
2. National research council of Canada (NRCC)
3. Ontario graduate scholarship program
4. Quebec provincial government scholarship
5. Partnership Grants by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
6. Ontario trillium scholarship

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