Sweden is a Scandinavian nation of various inland lakes, coastal islands, forests, and mountains. The country has a moderate climate which has kept the atmosphere of the region pleasant throughout the year. Life in Sweden can be a wonderful choice for people who want to live and study in a pleasant and peaceful country. Living in Sweden is low-coast and satisfying and education is treated as a very important part.

Sweden is known for providing quality education within the limits of affordability of the public, and the cost of education is reasonable and affordable compared to many other countries.

  • No official restriction for students to work along with their studies.
  • Students medical free.
  • Allowed to move with co-applicant
  • The medical of co-applicant and the education of children is free.
  • Full work permits available after 6-month studies or after completion of 30 credit hours.
  • After Work permit get permanent Residence
  • With IELTS or without IELTS study options are available.

Sweden Universities

Take Admission in Sweden | Study Visa & Requirement Guide for Pakistani

We provide a lot of information on how to study in Sweden from Pakistan, how to apply for Sweden study visas and how to get Sweden immigration from Pakistan, and everything in between. We can also help you get a Sweden Visa from Pakistan if you want to visit the country and experience its beauty with your family. Our aim is to help students and working people get an education from their dream university and work for their dream job.

Why Study in Sweden?

Sweden is quite well known for its welcoming environment especially it is welcome to the international population. International students from around the globe come to study in Sweden for the best foreign education. There are more than 1,000-degree programs that are taught in the English language. When it comes to higher education, Sweden is known to be among the best choices. With more and more students getting enrolled in Swedish colleges and universities each year, the number is of international students gradually increases.

Being famous for its study programs, Sweden is also generous with scholarships. There are many scholarship opportunities for students coming from other countries around the world. International students who study in Sweden may be offered scholarships from both, the government and private organizations, as well as the university’s scholarships. Some government scholarships for Pakistani students include the Visby program scholarship, Swedish Institute study scholarships, and others. Other scholarships are offered by Sweden universities and they include the University of Borås Tuition Fee Waivers, Halmstad University Scholarships, and others. Every year, these scholarships are opened for candidates who want to study in Sweden. Willing students can ensure their eligibility and get a scholarship to study in Sweden.

To study in Sweden, regardless of the university and the program, you must apply through the centralized, official website. Student Visa is needed if students are applying from outside EEA/EU. Students from EEA/EU do not need may apply without any requirement of a visa. Sweden has almost 40 universities and ranks globally at the top.

Study in Sweden Requirements

For bachelor programs, students must have proof of high school completion and English proficiency. Students also need to complete mathematics courses equivalent to Mathematics 1a, 1b, 1c/A Swedish level. Similarly, for master programs, students require a bachelor’s degree from an internationally recognized University, which is equivalent to a Swedish Kandidatexamen. Also, English proficiency proof through IELTS (5.5-6.5), TOEFL (minimum 575), or CAE/CPE are required. The requirements for postgraduate programs are the same.

If you want to study in Sweden without IELTS you need to submit documents that prove your previous degree completion is in the English language. Other documents required for all applicants include a copy of their passport, transcripts or degrees, and grades. Submission of documents must be in your national language (Urdu) and in English.  CV, recommendation letter, thesis, or research project are optional requirements that vary depending on your institution of choice. Nonetheless, you will require a Sweden student visa.

Study in Sweden for International Students

Study in Sweden for Pakistani students is fascinating because their education system relies more on your personal ambitions than on moving you towards graduation. Degree programs in Sweden give students the ability to merge research and professional jobs so that they have first-hand expertise in their profession as they qualify and reach the job market. Moreover study in Sweden for international students is almost free of restrictions, and you can avail yourself of fully-funded study in Sweden scholarships.

Living costs in Sweden

Yearly study in Sweden costs depending on your University and lifestyle. However, the estimated costs are discussed below:

  1. One time application fee: 90 EUR
  2. Tuition fee: 8,300-25,000 EUR
  3. Textbooks and literary material: Around 900 EUR
  4. Living costs: 9500 EUR (The monthly division is given below)
    • Accommodation: 830 EUR
    • Universities dormitories: 300-650 EUR
    • Food: 200 EUR
    • Transportation: 110-300 EUR
    • Social activities: 100 EUR
    • Health insurance: from 30 EUR

Scholarships in Sweden

You can study in Sweden for free by availing of any fully or partially funded study in Sweden scholarships. Some of these are listed below:

  1. Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals
  2. BTH Scholarships
  3. Dalarna University Scholarships
  4. Stockholm School of Economics Scholarships
  5. The World Bank Scholarship and Fellows Program

Sweden Visa information

The best part about studying in Sweden is that you can stay there for six months after your degree completion. The requirements for resident permits depend on the University you choose, which can be accessed from the official websites. You have to apply for Schengen visas to study in Sweden with the following requirements.

  • Visa application form
  • Passport-size photographs (2 at least)
  • Proof of arranged accommodation
  • Proof of sufficient financial means (44 EUR/day)
  • A valid passport and copy with blank visa pages
  • Civil status proof
  • Travel health insurance proof of 30,000 EUR
  • An enrollment certificate

Work opportunities

Sweden gives foreign students the opportunity to work while studying. While there is no formal limit to the number of hours you will work during your study, it is important to remember that you are supposed to spend about 40 hours per week on your academics.

Top programs

  • Architecture
  • Environmental sciences
  • Fine arts
  • Industrial design
  • International relations
  • Applied sciences

Top universities in Sweden

  • Dalarna University
  • Halmstad University
  • Linnaeus University
  • University West
  • Kristianstad University, Sweden

Student Life

With decent University accommodations, a fancy nightlife, access to social life within student unions and outside friends, you can have the best student life in Swedish Universities. Sports, fitness, hiking, handball, hockey, boating, and camping are some of the best outdoor activities in Sweden. And to get all this, you can rely on Crosstech.


Is it hard to study in Sweden?

No, studying in Sweden is similar to studying in other countries. In fact, you’ll enjoy studying over there because of the new experiences. You just have to plan it in advance.

Is Sweden good for study?

Sweden is believed to be one of the best options for higher education. The education system is very impressive which supports group studies and quality learning.

How long can I stay in Sweden after my studies?

Staying in Sweden after completing studies is not a big deal. You have to choose to work over there after your studies. You should plan it while you are studying and apply for a residence permit to search for a better job for yourself.

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