MOLDOVA citizenship

You will get all the citizenship rights including the right to vote, visa-free traveling, opportunity to live and work. In addition, you get a second passport that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of being a citizen of that country just like the native people. You will purchase a real estate property or donate a certain amount to the National Fund of the country in order to get a 2nd citizenship.

How Second Citizenship benefit for you
If you live in a developing country and have a passport that has no value around the globe, you are in major loss. Also, You need a 2nd passport to ensure your generational growth. With a strong 2nd passport, you can expand your business internationally and enjoy great returns on Investment. Basically, 2nd citizenship is a plan B in any case of economic or political crisis in your currently existing country.
Living and business safty
The major reason behind relocating to another country is to ensure the family’s future. Most of the countries that offer citizenship by investment have very stable economies and a strong political system that cares about its citizens. With a 2nd passport, you can provide your family with the best possible healthcare facilities, and not only this, the crime rate in such countries is very low. The states take complete responsibility for the well-being of the family. Similarly, your children can experience cultural diversity and exposure to new opportunities without any fear. There is more religious acceptance and less discrimination.
Travel visa free
If you have an established business locally and you have to travel more often. Or if you are a travel enthusiast, a second passport is the best choice for you. You can travel to more than 150 countries visa-free with a second passport. That seems unreal but a second passport will make it a reality. You do not need to spend days and months waiting for a visa arrival and there is no fear of visa rejection, if you have a second passport, you are free to go anywhere, any time.
Financial Stability
Another major reason to get a second passport is to increase your annual profit. A businessman always looks for better opportunities and 2nd passport is the best solution to that. Moving your business to a strong economy will be a great boost for your business. Countries offering a 2nd passport have the lowest taxation rates and you can increase your profit faster than ever before. Maximize your gains in a bigger and better economy.
Citizenship for your family
We have seen investors feeling confused about making such a huge investment. Don’t worry, we got you. Your one-time investment is going to benefit your future generations for a lifetime. Not only your kids but upcoming generations will get access to a luxury lifestyle, quality education, and healthcare facilities.
Crimes rate
Foreign nationals seeking citizenship by investment must need to have a clean criminal record. This will show that applicants who look for second citizenship are reliable enough to live in a country as responsible citizens. Not only the main applicant but the dependents also need to have a clear criminal history. This is the most important factor to get qualified for a 2nd passport.
Finance proofs
If you are a high networth individual and have a successful business, you need to provide a proof of your assets. The authorities will go through your documents to check if you are actually in position to invest a healthy amount of money and the source of your wealth is lawful.
If you are planning to apply for citizenship by investment, make sure you do not have any serious health problems. The main applicant must be in great health conditions and do not have any medical history that can cause problems for him in the future again.
Best Citizenship By Investment Programs
One can become a citizen of another country through investment in the real estate of a country or by making a contribution to the economic funds. You can add your whole family including spouse, children, parents, grandparents, and siblings as dependents. There are a lot of options when it comes to getting a second passport. Every country has a different processing time, cost, and criteria. Here are some great options that you can opt from and relocate with your family in few mont

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